Furniture inspired by origami art

The originality of their designs is the main characteristic of these collections of ultramodern furniture , inspired by the origami forms, name with which the origami art in Japan is known. Sofas of several squares and tables with an exquisite concept of avant-garde design are the stars of these works, designed for those seeking innovation in interior design, as well as adding furniture details unique in their kind.

Design furniture origami style 1

This exclusive beige sofa-bed has been designed by Andrea Lucatello for the house Catelan Italia. It is a folding sofa with an extremely comfortable appearance, with a geometry that recalls the different figures that can be created by origami. For the day we will have an ideal sofa for leisure and at night an excellent corner for rest.

Origami design furniture 2

This piece is unique and will never be out of place in neutral spaces where there are very careful decorations. It will fit very well in all those homes where the prevailing decorative trend is to incorporate details of abstract art and rather exclusive furniture.

Origami design furniture 3

Also inspired by origami art, Vendom furniture from Spanyol, belonging to the collection of the design firm Studio A-Cero , have a very minimalist finish, the type of finishes that is so worn in this type of compositions. Highlights this blue and white sofa that accompanies a small table in blue with a very fresh and clean design.

Designer furniture origami 4

Design furniture origami style 5

They are furniture that you can like more or less, but no one doubts the risk of their proposals, the interest in showing new designs behind these creations.

Origami design furniture 6


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