Funky apartment: light and color

The style funky It shines with its own light in this modern and urban apartment, full of light and color. A house that brings joy to everyone who visits it and who regains the spirit of having fun decorating the interior of the home. But what are the characteristics that make this a unique style? Lets go see it.

Decoration funky style 1

The furniture is modern and simple, generally pieces of few traces with some 'retro' flash, but where comfort basically prevails. The color palette chosen is wide, from shades of gray to yellow, pink, red, green and blue, in a psychedelic amalgam that recovers the best of past decades.

Decoration funky style 2

Decoration funky style 3

Urban one hundred percent, the style funky he recreates in such personal details as photographs and prints that represent the highlights of modern life. To the funky he likes fashion and that is evident, both in the dynamism of the colors and in the constant presence of visual elements that recall the graffiti of any city.

Decoration funky style 4

Decoration funky style 5

"Order and disorder" could be another characteristic motto of this style. The objects scattered throughout the rooms abound, forming a universe of their own where a small intrinsic chaos drags us to focus on these minimum details that generate both curiosity and fun.

Decoration funky style 6

Decoration funky style 7

The colorful rainbow style has to add a certain taste for the eclectic, that is, to introduce elements more typical of other styles such as wooden chairs, more contemporary furniture, vintage details ... Getting around this funky apartment is like giving a refreshing Walk through the city any sunny day.

Funky decoration 8


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