Full color kitchens: choose your style

Tired of the white dictatorship in the kitchens? Well, here we collect color proposals so that you give your kitchen that new air you need. A cheerful and familiar space, homemade and far from that tendency, which has prevailed in recent years, which aimed to turn our kitchens into cold and aseptic laboratories or in imitations of professional kitchens.

Color kitchens 2

The color can be introduced in many ways as you know, from simple accessories to a set of furniture of the same color. This already enters the particular taste of each one. On this occasion the lower furniture has been painted in yellow color and create a strong contrast with the top of the kitchen in neutral tones.

Kitchens in color 1

This modern kitchen has a set of kitchen furniture in bright yellow, the white background of the wall and the black floor highlight the yellow and the blue lamps create a very interesting point of visual attraction.

Kitchens in color 3

You can also dare to mix colors, always carefully and carefully studying the options beforehand.

Kitchens in color 4

Kitchens in color 5

The blue They provide a very pleasant Mediterranean and marine air in a bright kitchen. It fits very well with rustic furniture.

Kitchens in color 6

Color kitchens 7

Kitchens in color 8

The purple It is perhaps a more risky option for people without complex and avant-garde decoration.

Kitchens in color 10

Although the orange has been a color widely used in decoration lately, especially to introduce color notes, is still current and we can go a little further and use it more neatly.

Color kitchens 11

Kitchens in color 12

Kitchens in color 13

The black is a color that has been trying for some time to enter the most avant-garde kitchens, in fact it has been used by the most leading designers for some time. It is very elegant and personal but I do not know if it will be equally interesting on a practical level.

Kitchens in color 14

Kitchens in color 15

Color kitchens 16

The Red or rather the reds, can fit very well in kitchens with retro air and rustic style. We can choose different shades of red that will produce very different effects.

Kitchens in color 17

Kitchens in color 18

Kitchens in color 19

The pink Maybe it's ideal for shabby chic environments or for color fans. Anyway it is an interesting option to consider.

Kitchens in color 20

21 colored kitchens

Kitchens in color 22

The turquoise will be perfect in rustic furniture but also in modern. A color that will give a cheerful and relaxed touch to the kitchen.

Color kitchens 23

Color kitchens 24

Color kitchens 25

With the green , as it happened with red, we have to differentiate the tones and it can be used for very different styles. Although in general the different shades of a color will cause very varied effects it seems that in some colors that differentiation is more marked. But maybe it's a personal appreciation. Anyway, I think we have presented you with a good color palette so you can choose the one you like the most.

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