Full color kitchens

A color kitchen wins in light and freshness. Whatever the chosen style, we can light our kitchen in very different ways, taking advantage of the furniture surfaces or the walls, floors and ceilings. Each of these options can be a beautiful solution to get a modern kitchen, less corseted and less conventional, a more avant-garde piece.

Colorful kitchens 1

This is the case of the following proposals, kitchens that have been dressed in different colors to make the most of this space. We offer you a small sample in very varied ranges.

In the first image we have a classic country kitchen with red furniture and accessories in different colors (brushstrokes that are very bright), while in this other the chosen proposal are blocks of color that follow a scale, in the manner of the rainbow:

Colorful kitchens 2

In a green apple of its most electric range, the next kitchen is dressed in a unique beauty that connects directly with the beautiful natural environment that can be seen behind the windows of the house.

Colorful kitchens 3

In this other range, a greenish yellow, the kitchen becomes a colorful and modern place.

Colorful kitchens 4

In blue and white, with touches of red, we are facing a modern kitchen which greatly favors the entry of natural light, since the chosen blue is a very soft color that transmits serenity to space.

Colorful kitchens 5

This other kitchen, with a unique pop touch, combines pink, black and white in a very harmonious way, making the space look one hundred percent urban.

Colorful kitchens 6

In yellow mustard, brown and violet, we are facing a charming space that plays with its contrasts in a genuine way, creating a more romantic space.

Colorful kitchens 7

Photos: homemydesign.com ; giesendesign.com

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