From train station to holiday home

This small building located in the Ardennes, Belgium, went from train station to holiday home after a simple remodel. The Ardennes are a geographical area that belongs to Belgium, Luxembourg and France and consists of large forests and hills with huge pastures. Loaded with modern history, the two world wars of the last century had a great impact here, now it has become a tourist destination of the first order.


The construction is made of stone and wood with the typical gabled roof of the area. Outside, a small path has been formed that residents, children and adults can enjoy with the carts that are placed at their disposal.


The house can accommodate up to 9 residents and can be rented at any time of the year. It has a small metal fireplace flanked by a living room, enough to warm up after a long walk.


The suitcase used as a coffee table reminds us of the past of the house, the old station that would see coming and going to the people of the region.


The small kitchen is located in a small module just below this fantastic wooden roof built following the custom of the area.


At the bottom, in a modern annex to the old station, we find another kitchen and a large dining area with views to the outside.


In this extended zone, the pattern of using basic materials such as wood, steel and cement is followed. A good relationship between the traditional style of construction and modern industrial air is achieved.


The large dining table is made with large reclaimed wood planks and allows a large number of people to gather around it.


The rooms are sober but follow the general decoration with the exposed stone walls and the beds made with thick wooden boards.


The bathroom or rather bathrooms, since there are several, are also of industrial inspiration and with cement walls and floors.


They also have a bathtub to relax quietly with a hot bath after a trip through the humid forests of the Ardennes or its endless pastures.


The exterior also has a large outdoor terrace and a barbecue area that even has a traditional stone oven.

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