From barn to weekend house

In a rural house of the French Burgundy the designer Joséphine Gintzburger has reformed the barn of the house to qualify as part of it. The reform has helped to provide the house with a new and huge wing. The house and the barn make up the weekend retreat of the designer and her family. A quiet place to escape and relax from the exhausting work pace.

From barn to weekend house1

The structure of the old barn is impressive, a high pitched roof formed by large wooden beams of coarse finish. A warp of beams cross the house halfway up to support the weight of the high side walls. The renovation has been based on the use of primary materials, to match the old wood. The floor and kitchen island have been made in polished cement. The large glass doors flood the house with light.

From barn to weekend house2

From barn to weekend house3

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The paintings hanging on the walls, the zoomorphic figure next to the entrance and small elements of the kitchen add notes of color to the whiteness of the immense walls and the neutral gray of the floor.

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From barn to weekend house 6

The table aligned with the island of the kitchen is a work of art, made with old reclaimed timbers. Woods with a lot of history behind them, wounds, erosions of decades and decades of use. Its anarchic and uneven surface has an almost animal organic aspect, it looks like the skin of some atavistic animal disappeared from the face of the earth millions of years ago.

From barn to weekend house7

From barn to weekend house 8

The high height of the ceilings and the large number of beams located at half height has allowed to develop a design in several planes. The living room on the ground floor has a reflection at the top, just above it. The crystal chandeliers are spread throughout the house.

From barn to weekend house9

From barn to weekend house10

The upper living room is only accessible through a metal walkway arranged on the side of the house. As if it were the post of the ship's lookout, a place from land and adventure, but difficult to access. On the opposite side of the bedroom, with an old mannequin that reminds us of the two decades that Joséphine has been working in the fashion world.

From barn to weekend house11

From barn to weekend house12

The rooms are also painted in white and have wooden floors. Sober and relaxing rooms. The master bedroom has a bathtub and sink, a very original painting occupies one of the walls.

From barn to weekend house14

Here we can see the exterior of the old barn, an exercise in styling and design to give a new life to this agricultural building converted into a glamorous retreat in the countryside.


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