From a children's room to a juvenile room in a few steps

Preparing the room for the baby that will arrive or has just been born is one of the sweetest experiences a couple goes through. But even in the most tender moments we must remain pragmatic and think that this baby is not always going to stay that way, it will grow, it will become a tender infant, then a little one with its own tastes and finally puberty and adolescence will arrive. It is the law of life and it is as it should be. Therefore it is interesting to plan those changes that your room will suffer at least in the first years until you reach puberty. From then on, your voice and your vision of things must be taken into account, especially with regard to your room.

Transformation of children's room 2

As you can see this is a beautiful room for baby that has all the necessary furniture and accessories. Bright colors to capture the attention of the baby but at the same time they calm him at the time of sleep.

Transformation of children's room 3

A good closet and a shelf are essential to store your things. And if they have a space to store containers, we will get used to the child when he moves on the floor to store his things.

Transformation of children's room 4

Transformation of children's room 5

The sweet details for a baby room can be done with simple ribbons tied to the curtain rod or frames that frame animal drawings.

Transformation of children's room 6

With the passage of time the room should be changing. We see that the crib has been transformed into a small sofa and the changing table on a desk. Some more elements like chair and stools and our little princess will have a beautiful room without hardly changing anything. The beautiful canopy of the sofa is made with a shower curtain.

Transformation of children's room 7

The children continue to grow and if our first investment was adequate we can still take advantage of many of the furniture. Here we have the same room oriented to a young preadolescent, the same orange color serves us for those of a gender as for those of the opposite. Of course, we must introduce a large bed because they have already given a good spurt. Change curtains, carpet and small accessories will be essential.

Transformation of children's room 8

Now they will need a working corner. We continue with the changer and add the complements that you need to carry out your main task, the study.

Transformation of children's room 9

That closet that contained the baby's belongings is now the closet to store the clothes of our no longer so small.


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