Fresh ideas for your summer terrace

If I had to decide what is the best thing about summer, many people would opt for terraces. Is there a more pleasant way to spend time than lying in an al fresco hammock? Is there a better way to spend the summer than with family outdoor gatherings to enjoy a good meal?


There may be, but it will not be in this world, maybe in a distant, very distant planet. Here and now, in the summer, you can enjoy the sea breeze or the mountain air or even in the middle of the city, but in the open air it is a pleasure.



If we have a small house next to the beach you can install a porch in rustic style that protects us from the sun and allows us to eat outdoors and enjoying magnificent views.



On a summer terrace there is no lack of dining area, a large table with chairs or benches will suffice, as well as a seating area or chill out with many pillows and curtains in the wind.




A summer house can be decorated in many different styles but the mediterranean and rustic are perhaps the most usual. Although you can also create a formal terrace in any other style. Basically you have to follow the style of the house to create a balanced and coherent set.



The floor of our terrace has its importance, it can be installed anywhere even on the ground or gravel but a ceramic or wooden floor will always be more pleasant. The tiles and stone work very well for shady places where they do not catch much sun, they are the most refreshing. Wood floors, being this worst conductor, insulate more and do not overheat so much under the sun.



The covers are also essential in a terrace and anyone serves us, from centuries old olive trees that will give an exceptional shade to a simple chamizo or an umbrella. The important thing is to have a shaded area that allows us to enjoy the terrace during the day.




And although many times we will be immersed in nature, it never hurts to have a few plants nearby. The pots with plants are ideal to create and delimit spaces in a natural way and to decorate our convenience.



The urban terraces can be spaces designed specifically for this or that we have converted ourselves, a simple balcony with the right elements can be converted into a magnificent terrace.



Whether we are in the attic or in a small patio in the middle of the city, a terrace is a very special place that will allow us to enjoy more and better of our house.



We have shown you many different ways to understand a summer terrace and the final conclusion is that it should be a personal space in which we feel comfortable about all things.


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