Four table ideas for the home office

When it comes to working at home, it is very important to have a good place to work. In this sense, we must take into account some basic aspects, such as the good lighting of the table, placing it in a quiet corner and away from noise and distractions. Another vital aspect is that this table has sufficient capacity to house all the work material.

Tables for home office 1

Once we have this, it only remains to choose a table model to work on. We can choose the style that best suits us and integrate it into the decoration of the space easily and quickly. We introduce you four table ideas for the home office .

Tables for the home office 2

We begin with the rustic-vintage table (first and second image), a style that prevails a lot in the latest trends, and with which we will create a very personal space. There are many styles of vintage table, you can even recycle one that you have at home and transform it into a great work surface. Wood is undoubtedly the vintage material par excellence. It is the perfect style for cartoonists, illustrators, writers ...

The modern tables They are more dynamic, but also a little more impersonal. Its main function is to facilitate work and recreate the classic office surface. Monochrome, minimalist and functional, these are the tables and chairs, some of them ergonomic to avoid discomfort and contractures in the back.

Tables for the home office 3

Tables for home office 4

The multi-purpose table It is an option for all those who do not yet have a specific space for their home office, but at a given time they need one. We can take advantage of the surface of other furniture to organize our work table with all the comforts that it requires, for example taking advantage of a solid bookcase like the one in the following image.

Tables for home office 5

The pallet tables They are the perfect alternative for a improvised table , but equally practical. A "do it yourself" in every rule with which we can create a personal and equally useful space, with a style both industrial and modern, stacking several boxes of pallets and using a good glass surface for the work area.

Tables for home office 6

Tables for the home office 7

Four different styles, suitable for different personalities and different types of work.


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