For lovers of white

You have to be passionate about the white color in decoration to appreciate all the elegance and distinction of this Australian house completely decorated in white, both outside and inside. For those who are not so fervent followers of this trend may seem too aseptic space for excessive lack of relief can become oppressive. Each one will see it according to their preferences, what is certain is that it is a very elaborate decoration and of course based totally, or almost, on the white color.

A house to pure white 1

White, metal and large windows make this house a space completely dominated by light. Here nothing is warm, except on the outside the green of the plants and especially the sun of Australia.

A house to pure white 2

A house to pure white 3

Modern furniture, except in some of the bathrooms where classic furniture has been placed. The white predominates in all the rooms of the house, a total neutrality where some of us miss some depth as some elements in color could contribute.

A house to pure white 4

A house to pure white 5

The warm reflections of the sun is the only thing that can give a certain warm tone to the house, also the artificial lighting that seems to have been chosen in warm tones to avoid the excessive coldness of the environment.

A house to pure white 6

A house with pure white 7

A dream come true for lovers of this color and open spaces, the kitchen-living-dining room is an open space where the gaze is lost in the infinite sapwood.

A house with pure white 8

A house with pure white 9

The house is amazing, huge, one can get lost in it. It just needs a few splashes of color here and there and I'm sure that any of us would make it his immediately.


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