Folding terrace tables for small spaces

In small terraces and balconies it is necessary to devise imaginative solutions to make the most of the available space. These folding tables They will hardly occupy space and are very practical when it comes to making meetings abroad. A basic resource for minimum spaces.

Folding tables for small terraces 01

Its structure is adapted to the railing by means of an anchor, making it easier to have a small table with enough capacity to shelter the drinks or the aperitif. They are also safe, as they are kept in balance and perfectly adapted to the handrail. We can fix them so that they are on the inside or outside of the balcony, since it allows both options.

Folding tables for small terraces 2

Folding tables for small terraces 03

This wall cabinet becomes an improvised table, which is also very useful for storing glasses and glasses.

Folding tables for small terraces 04

This movable and transportable table is perfect for day-to-day solutions. Do we want a moment of rest, but we have no place to support drinks? See how easy it is for your location and how little it occupies.

Folding tables for small terraces 05

The classic folding circular table becomes more necessary than ever on the balcony, even as a support for our plants. Simple ideas to decorate economically and that conform perfectly to the needs of space.

Folding tables for small terraces 06


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