Folding tables to save space

The folding tables , and in general furniture of this type, help us to maximize those square meters of less in the home. They are very useful to solve those small capacity problems that we sometimes have. Ideal for both small rooms and other rooms where we will need that space for other tasks. You will discover, in addition, how these models are not at odds with style and design. There are ideas for all tastes and all kinds of environments.

Folding tables1

Table with lacquered surface and platform anchored to the wall itself, where they are stored once we do not need them anymore. Glass table that is squeezed from a support, which is then perfectly covered, protected from possible scratches or bumps.

Folding tables2

Folding tables3

They can serve as auxiliary tables in practical environments such as the kitchen (where you will surely need them when you have guests, or your children have to do their homework), the sitting room, the dining room, the living room, the bedroom, the office, the TV room or the iron room ... We welcome this furniture that makes our lives easier and does not take up any space!

Folding tables4

Folding tables5

Folding tables6

Folding tables7

Here we show you how it is once you fold the table. The resulting structure you can decorate at your whim and make it part of the rest of the decoration. They are designs where functionality prevails and that is why they present such an adequate and simple structure, according to their purpose.

Folding tables8

Folding tables9


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