Flower arrangements to decorate your house

Flowers are a very easy and practical solution to add a touch of color to the decoration of our home. If we also make some striking floral arrangements we can also give a touch of style and sophistication to any environment. We have to be coherent and know how to include flowers and other natural elements rich in color in a coordinated way with the decoration style. Below we bring you some examples of floral arrangements that can give a new look to the decoration of the house.

Flower arrangements for home 1

A simple and quick idea to prepare is this beautiful and colorful flower arrangement, you just have to decorate the vase with slices of lemon and then place the flowers that we like the most. That combination of yellows, purples and roses will be like a burst of light and color in any room of the house.

Flower arrangements for home 2

Another good and original idea, more appropriate for the kitchen perhaps, is to create an arrangement with a mixture of flowers and typical garden products. In the above example we see a successful combination of tulips, artichokes, chervil, asparagus and broccoli. As a vase has been used a white enameled colander, just put a piece of foam florist inside and go placing the decoration. We can help with sticks for skewers to puncture the vegetables in the foam.

Flower arrangements for home 3

The solutions are endless and we only need a little bit of imagination and good taste to combine the colors. Using any vessel as a vase we will create intelligent flower arrangements, from empty jars to citrus.

Flower arrangements for home 4

A vase placed inside a large transparent glass container and fill the gap around the vase with eggs in different colors will form an original and exclusive container for a bouquet of flowers to match the colors of the eggs.

Flower arrangements for home 5

Or if we like the classic, a basket with a good assortment of flowers will form a truly spectacular centerpiece. Try some of these ideas or customize any of them to your liking, success is assured.

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