Floral patterned sofas for a stylish living room

A dynamic sofa helps to brighten up a living room. For its color or its own pattern, this piece can represent the true decorative center of these spaces. This time we will see how to decorate them with sofas floral upholstery

Floral patterned sofas 1

Flowers as a decorative element are an imperishable classic, also as a background for fabrics or upholstery. These cheerful drawings will be able to introduce in a simple way a little color and light in the spaces of the house.

Floral patterned sofas 2

Floral patterned sofas 3

We can find floral prints for very diverse styles, and even the most artists can create their own. From more realistic drawings to more abstract forms, there are proposals for all tastes, for environments as different from each other as country or rustic, bohemian, modernist, pop ...

Floral patterned sofas 4

Contrasts, games of colors, possibility of combining these drawings with other elements that are part of the global style, these are some of the options that we offer you in these attractive proposals.

Floral patterned sofas 5

Another possibility, for those who are not convinced one hundred percent, is to have a smooth sofa and use floral cushions to liven up the space, a great resource to add style without major reforms.

Floral patterned sofas 6

Photos: astoriedstyle.com; dreamingofjune.com

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