Floral ornaments in glass jars

The floral ornaments They are always welcome in the decoration of homes. Inside or outside, flowers are a great attraction. If they are small flowers we can place them in glass jars to decorate different places. His mere presence embellishes the spaces, transmitting delicacy and taste for detail.

Floral ornaments 1

Many times the floral touch can be indispensable in a dinner or agape in the open air. We can place them on a separate table or use as centers to animate the food table itself. The particularity that we show in this article will be bottles and small glass jars to place the flowers individually (one for each jar). If they are of different colors you can create a beautiful decoration. The containers used can also be different colors to give more pleasure to the whole. If they have long stems, we will have to use containers according to their size or (if the stem is very thin) use solutions to keep the flowers stable.

Floral ornaments 2

If you prefer to decorate a minimalist corner, this example can serve us: a few flowers spread in glass jars on a cabinet or shelf stripped of other ornaments. As we see, the result is quite favorable:

Floral ornaments 3

You can also place flowers on the tea or coffee table, or as a centerpiece with very different results, depending on the rest of the elements used. They are brushstrokes that embellish the home with very little.

Floral ornaments 4

Floral ornaments 5

Photos: sofaclub.es

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