Floral decorations in colored jars

At the time of decorate with flowers , there are original and very varied proposals. Ideas for all tastes, designed to brighten the spaces of the house naturally and very economically. Today's proposal is very simple, since you only have to collect jars of different colors and decorate them with small flowers. Natural floral arrangements and within reach of all pockets.

Decorate with flowers and jars 1

While we must point out that, more than different ideas, what we bring you is a small sample of the beautiful result you can get using colorful glass jars for your flowers. The beauty of these floral decorations is combined with the color note in different ranges of the bottles used. The decoration can be completed with a very practical solution to hang the ornaments on the wall, using a wooden board and a pair of screws to anchor each mini-vase individually.

Decorate with flowers and jars 2

Decorate with flowers and jars 3

By the way, in addition to fresh flowers or plastic, you can use other types of plants, whether spikes, tree leaves, cactus, stems of rosemary or thyme ... whatever you like to fill with aromas and fragrances every corner of the home. This type of ideas are very useful as long as we have a special celebration at home and we are looking for a fast decoration, that the guests like and that does not suppose extra work of homemade DIY.

Decorate with flowers and jars 4

Decorate with flowers and jars 5

Another simple idea is to alternate colors or use the same range for each row of floral decorations. So we use all the colors at our disposal to fill the house with colorful and beautiful reflections thanks to the delicate beauty of the crystal.

Decorate with flowers and jars 6

Photos: etsy.com

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