"Florakids", a full-color children's bath

East bathroom It is a theme park for the little ones in the house. Designed exclusively for them, it has incredible details that make it a playful space, at the service of children's imagination thanks to its play of colors and its little animals.

Florakids 1

Is called "Florakids" and it's an idea of ​​the Spanish firm Laufen , which has launched this special project for homes and nurseries. In this recreational environment, children learn hygienic habits more easily, such as washing their hands while having fun with caterpillars and other animal figures.

Florakids 2

The main washbasin is available in several colors: green, red and white. The walls and floors are also different colors. The energy of these ranges is put at the service of the children, so that they have fun in a space made to measure.

Florakids 3

You can choose different types of mirror, from a flower to a small caterpillar formed by modules of circular mirrors that simulate being your little body. Both toilets and urinals are specially adapted for children, and in the toilet itself there is an ergonomic seat and mini-handles so that the little ones can keep their balance or hold on without fear of falling inside. They can also be found in the three colors mentioned above.

Florakids 4

All these furniture and urinals have been designed in such a way that they have rounded surfaces without angles or spikes, so that children can not be hit or hurt. Everything is designed to turn the bathroom into a well-kept playground where children learn, but also have fun.

Florakids 5

Photos: trendir.com

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