Floors like chess boards

Within the different types of coatings for floors or floors there is this timeless classic with chess form . A geometric and decorative design formed by black and white paintings, a possibility that transforms the house into the well-known game board, giving a more dynamic aspect to the spaces.

Chess boards floors 1

This type of design is very suitable for kitchens, especially when the furniture that accompanies this interior is white. The contrast generated by the frame dynamics makes the space be seen wider , getting an attractive out of the ordinary.

Chess boards floors 2

The volumes of this chess design are also suitable for other areas of the house. So, we can find them in Hallways, hallways or rooms , creating visual games where lights, architectural recesses and other elements are part of the scene.

Chess boards floors 3

In addition to the classic black and white, another attractive option is to change the white boxes by wood, creating a more sophisticated style.

Chess boards floors 4

Floors chess boards 5

Chess boards floors 6

As we can see, this type of coating achieves a striking finish, useful for all types of rooms, giving rise to atmospheres that are, as we said, timeless.

Chess boards floors 7

Chess boards floors 8

They are the geometric games of the houses of all the life, and we can find a display of tiles in diagonal or in a straight finish. Games that create symmetries and a balanced order, ideal for lovers of spaces where shapes and drawings have a greater role.

Chess boards floors 9

Chess boards floors 10

Photos: homedit.com

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