Floor coverings for the bathroom

The bathroom admits multiple decorative options and the floor is an important part in the design of a bathroom. We must take into account all the options offered by the market, we will make a brief review of the different possibilities we have when thinking about changing or transforming a bathroom. According to the decorative style that we choose we will have to choose one type of coating or another for our bathroom.

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It is one of the most popular options when choosing a floor covering for the bathroom. The tiles give us a classic and clean appearance . They are easy to maintain and our bathroom will be free of stains and will perfectly withstand the humidity that usually exists in this room of the house. The tiles for the bathroom should have anti-slip treatment to avoid accidents. The great disadvantage of the tile floor is its coldness , unless we install underfloor heating, they need to be installed by qualified personnel.

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It is the most economical option to cover the floor of the bathroom. It is also easy and fast maintenance and well installed supports water and humidity. its installation it is enough easy It can be done by anyone with DIY experience, except perhaps in large bathrooms where splicing joints have to be included.

Floors for the bathroom 3


The cork floor is one sustainable and comfortable option . It is a good insulator and its touch is warm. You have to apply a final polyurethane treatment to isolate the cork from moisture. The installation It can be quite complex and we should trust it to a professional.

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It is about another ecological and sustainable option . Bamboo floors are very durable and can withstand humidity very well. Are Easy to install and maintain . If any part is damaged it is easy to replace it.

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Wood / laminates

A timeless choice It never goes out of style, wood or laminate floors are warm and comfortable. its great enemy is the Water , a significant leakage of water in the bathroom will totally render the lining unusable.

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