Floating support for flowers by Oodesign

The Japanese study Oodesign is the creator of this flower stand , Ripple , which simulates the concentric waves that occur in water by throwing an object in it. In the center a hole where to place the flower. An ingenious and beautiful design that allows you to place flowers anywhere in the house, forming this unique aquatic effect as if it were authentic.

Vase Ripple 1

It is a piece of silicone that is fixed to any surface and that allows to adhere the stem of the flower on it, holding it perfectly. This design has been marketed since 2010 with considerable success, especially in its country of origin, where they are great lovers of interior decorations in which flowers play a prominent role.

Vase Ripple 2

Vase Ripple 6

We can create an illusion of water by placing several pieces together, as a mini-aquatic garden, resulting in a beautiful and delicate decoration. We can use it on a table, on the floor of an outdoor patio or on any other surface, since the piece makes "windy effect" and is well attached, as we see in the images.

Vase Ripple 3

Vase Ripple 4

If the flowers are natural, one option is to use this support in a container or vase with water so they do not wilt. Although they are small pieces, if they are placed several together in a larger bowl, the false illusion of a small domestic pond can be created. With them we will have imaginative centerpieces instantly.

Vase Ripple 5

Vase Ripple 7

An excellent solution to use in our homemade decorations with flowers.

Photos and more information: oodesign

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