Fix your wallpaper

The wallpaper is a practical and durable coating. However, you need certain care and partial arrangements that you can make yourself.


  • Wrinkles : they are produced when the wall is not perfectly smooth or when placing it does not fit it well. To repair it you should cut the wrinkle lengthwise, then carefully lift the edges of the paper and apply adhesive with a brush.
  • If the tips rise : this happens when the cement is not properly placed. You must lift the edges of the paper with a round-tipped knife and with a finite brush you must apply glue, then press it well against the wall and let it dry.
  • When bubbles form : this problem is common when the walls are somewhat wet; The solution is to make a cross cut on the balloon, then you must lift the ends of the paper and spread them with cement.
  • Cleaning : if the paper is vinyl you can pass a cloth barely wet in soapy water and then another dry one. If you have spots, a white and soft eraser will suffice.
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