Five types of tiles for five kitchen styles

It is very important to choose the type of tile that we will use in the kitchen, the floor tiles and also the walls will mark the style that the kitchen will have. They are a very impressive element and according to the style we want to give to our kitchen we will have to choose one type or another of tile. We show you below five different types of tiles and you will appreciate how the design of the tile strongly marks the style of the kitchen.

Tiles for kitchens01

With these large and dark tiles this kitchen becomes a modern space. They are elegant and contemporary with a nice and smooth finish. The color contrasts with the white island and blends well with the dark tones of the furniture. It is a clean and elegant look, perfect for a young couple or even for a single person. It has a certain masculine touch, but adding a little color through the use of some complement this kitchen is perfect also for a modern woman.

Tiles for kitchens02

The Spanish-inspired tiles fit well with a space of rustic inspiration. The two, hand in hand, create a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere that would not be the same with a wooden floor. Rustic atmosphere of Mediterranean flavor.

Tiles for kitchens03

These dark tiles give depth to the floors between the narrow white corridor. The combination of small and large tiles, with a beige gradient, offers a homelike and traditional atmosphere. It's almost like you're at your favorite restaurant that has been open since Grandma had her first job there. With this successful choice we managed to create an excellent vintage style kitchen.

Tiles for kitchens04

A classic and timeless style can be created with these neutral tiles and classic furniture. An elegant and simple kitchen that can last for many years without ever going out of style.

Tiles for kitchens05

This modern tiled floor that imitate herringbone parquet with small red motifs. A different kitchen where different styles are combined, classic the floor but with a modern touch that ties it perfectly with the modern design of the furniture and the front of the kitchen. In short, a healthy eclecticism has been achieved, which is what gives this original cuisine its character.


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