Five 'trendy' radiators for the home

The radiators they are fundamental pieces in the home (although not the only ones) when low temperatures arrive. In general, this type of devices usually go unnoticed by the human eye and, of course, they are not usually a priority when talking about decoration or renovations in the home. Perhaps that is why many firms have proposed to innovate in this aspect to create more creative heating appliances , that can be integrated equally as part of the decorative style of our home.


We bring you five proposals radiators 'trendy' , with a contemporary style where mime and good taste prevail in its design. For example, the Spanish group Zehnder has created these cutting-edge radiators with a symmetrical style and in different colors.


One of the characteristics of these design radiators is their shape, thanks to which not only will they provide us with a pleasant temperature at home, but they can be useful as towel racks and even as decorative pieces . Good taste, in this case, is guaranteed.

Zehnder_Yucca_asym_ohne 0003

Also the Italian house Cordivari It offers more risky designs in its catalog, such as these decorative wall radiators that look like authentic pieces of modernist museum. Their geometric airs They are completely integrated into the spaces of the home with a simplicity and minimalism really 'trendy'.


Now, if we do not want to spend a lot of money on renovating these devices, we always have the most economical option of paint the radiators in a range of color that is integrated with the decoration of the rooms in which they are present. This is an equally valid option with a guaranteed style, as seen in this last proposal.


You see, any object or accessory in the home is likely to be part of the decorative environment, and that is part of the charm of this discipline.


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