Five tips to make your home more welcoming

Whatever the design of a house, one must feel at home. A cozy and pleasant atmosphere can be created in any design with some simple tips. The color scheme plays a very important role in defining the mood of a room but some of the following features will help make your home more welcoming and warm. The house to be cozy should have a nice atmosphere but also a nice design in the first place. Some details, design tricks and lighting can make a difference, even if your home is designed with cold materials such as marble, tiles, glass and metal.

Make your home more cozy 1

Warm materials and accents

Some interior decorations in wood, accents of warm colors or a stone brick wall are features that can add warmth to a cold design. The plants and flowers will also fill your with vivacity. Organic and natural materials can bring the warmth of nature to your home and make it cozy and homely.

Make your home more welcoming 2

Appearance of life

The order is good but an impeccable order in the house can give the feeling that the house is empty since it does not show signs of life. However, a quilt spread out on the sofa, a cup on the table or an open book show that life is unfolding within the walls of your home. This is what happens with the period furniture that, as it bears the traces of life on its imperfect surfaces, transmits that cozy feeling to the room where they are placed. So reflecting the life in the decoration we also managed to increase the feeling of cozy home.

Make your home more welcoming 3

Comfortable furniture

No matter how beautiful your furniture is, it should be comfortable and pleasant to sit or sleep on. Choose furniture with soft upholstery and in warm colors or pastel colors. Fluffy cushions and cushions can soften furniture that is too firm while a floral tablecloth and ceramic crockery can add a cozy touch to your dining room or kitchen.

Make your home more welcoming 4

Neatness and order

We have spoken before a certain disorder to give that feeling of "lived" house but this is not an obstacle so that neatness and order are maintained as they should be. Dirt and clutter destroy any impression of a cozy home. By keeping the order every day you can do the cleaning easier. One day, sweep the floors, another wash the windows and keep the bathroom always fresh and clean. This will only take a couple of minutes to clean the house before the guests arrive.

Make your home more cozy 5

Fireplace and Lighting

Any source of heat makes the atmosphere of a house more cozy and pleasant. Before there were only candles and chimneys, today lighting can be done with a variety of options, both technological and design. Although the chimneys and candles are still with us and we can continue using them to make our house comfortable and homely. So there is a wide variety of sources of heat and light to heat and light your house.


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