Five simple ideas for decorating walls

A possibility to introduce changes in a room or room in a simple way is decorating the walls . These we are going to see are very informal proposals that can be carried out with elements as usual as photographs, mirrors, shelves and other similar ornaments.

Ideas to decorate the walls 1

A wall will always look better with a decoration according to the rest of the elements that are distributed in the room, and also according to the colors used. The photographs framed in the form of 'collage' or mosaic are fun ways to give the room a new, more personal face. The wall is the ideal place where family memories can have a prominent place.

Ideas to decorate the walls 2

Framing drawings is another possibility, also with an artistic touch. The floral arrangements and the shelves placed in a geometric shape create another type of proposal that is really simple to carry out, constructing corners as delicate and interesting as these.

Ideas to decorate the walls 4

If the decoration of the room is rather modern, the type of decorative accessories can go in the same line, in colors that stand out, such as black, a usual of the most contemporary designs.

Ideas to decorate the walls 5

The question is to create different compositions that bring dynamism to the environment, pieces that highlight the different modalities that can be created with elements that we have at home and that are always the most adequate to complete our most special decorations.

Ideas to decorate the walls 6


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