Five kitchens in marble and granite

The marble and the granite They are two of the most resistant and elegant materials on the market. They are widely used for kitchen furniture due to the great charm of their surfaces and the resulting styling. We present five kitchens in which these materials dominate the scene, framing kitchens for all tastes, from the most careful classicism to the most modern and sophisticated.
This first example stands out for its impressive block of marble that protects the area of ​​the stoves, separating it from the rest, this other area more worked in dark wood. A proposal in which the contrast and balance are accommodated in an environment of very balanced proportions.

Kitchens with granite and marble-01

More modernist, this other proposal rescues the granite for almost eighty percent of its surface. Extreme minimalism, black and white and a granite countertop that provides great beauty and order to the whole. The tile wall of the same material offers even more personality and design finish.

Kitchens with granite and marble-02

A kitchen in pink and black design, experimental and at the same time simple surfaces, where his large marble table in the shape of an American bar takes center stage and turns this piece into something really spectacular.

Kitchens with granite and marble-03

Halfway between vintage and contemporary art, this kitchen with a really sober marble finish bets for minimalist lines in white, making this space a different place. The wall with pop art paintings manages to create that atmosphere halfway between museum room and retro cafeteria. The glass doors are another definitive contribution.

Kitchens with granite and marble-04

Finally, this classic kitchen in dark wood and granite countertops, for more conventional but equally stylish atmospheres, where the island furniture offers the possibility of preparing food and have free space to take something while the main piece of furniture cooks food . Five examples of stylish kitchens in which marble and granite are more than a detail: they are functional and decorative allies.

Kitchens with granite and marble-05

Photos:;;; casavogue magazine

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