Five full-color rooms

The colour In the decoration, as we have seen other times, it brings luminosity, joy and gives spaces of light and life. It is an element that sometimes becomes very necessary in environments, since its mere presence influences the mood of the viewer and produces different sensations in the way of perceiving places. We have selected five rooms where color is a clear protagonist, opening up to spaces and offering all the warmth of the varied chromatic ranges.

Colorful Livings 1

The first proposal (top image) plays with the shapes and colors of its patterns. Straight lines and curves take over our vision in a colorful explosion where jovial and fresh tones stand out in its most pop range.

The second room is dominated by the color blue and seconded by a range of warm colors such as red and yellow, and also orange. An interesting contrast that results in a stay that combines style and distinction, wrapped in a 'retro' aesthetic strengthened by the multiple details of this trend.

Colorful Livings 2

In third place, with minimalist airs, this room is in red and gray with geometric details that fill the place with sophistication. A decoration designed for homes that see in the decorative avant-garde a rising value.

Colorful Livings 3

The following prototype is a room with rustic tints marked by very suggestive tones such as violet and blue, to which the wooden surfaces are joined to create an exquisite and carefree look. A room where you want to be, because it invites you to sit down and let yourself be carried away by its color and light.

Colorful Livings 4

The last example is this impeccable and very 'retro' room, with geometric touches, again, marked by cold tones as blue and warm as yellow and orange. The result is a place outside the everyday, but full of light and with a very personal charm.

Colorful Livings 5


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