Fill holes in walls and ceilings

You have cracks in walls and ceilings ... you do not know what to do with them ... you do not have much money ... so go ahead and fix them yourself ...


If the roof became a "map" because of the amount of cracks it has, it will be very difficult to fix it if you are not an expert. But they can disguise it quite well by papering with embossed paper or by applying chopped temple paint or splashing.
If you have wide cracks between the wall and the ceiling you can cover them with self-adhesive tape for walls and then you can paint over it.
The small holes and small cracks, after sanding and removing the dust can fill them with specific paste that already comes in tubes or making a mixture with powders sold for this purpose. You must apply it with a spatula or with a common syringe. Also, large cracks are filled with cellulose pulp.
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