Feng Shui in the dining room and kitchen

Lately, from a few years to this part, you hear a lot about Feng Shui, and even those who at first sounded like Chinese today you know what you mean. My first contact with Feng Shui was many years ago, but nowadays it is applied more and more, especially in the world of decoration.

Feng Shui in the dining room and kitchen 1

Trying to explain something as intangible as Feng Shui is not an easy task. The tangible thing is to experience the good results that it gives and the dose of wellbeing and prosperity that it brings when you meet some simple guidelines. Today we are going to talk about the dining room and the kitchen, since they are the first rooms that we find when entering a house.

The first thing is to have good access to our house. Let me explain, a good and careful appearance of the facade, a doormat at the entrance and a clean hall with a refined image without furniture that hinder entry, will create a good image for our visitors and invite inside.

Feng Shui in the dining room and kitchen 2

Once in the dining room, we must work because this room generates an atmosphere of intimacy, so that the guests have the desire to stay there.

For this reason, we will make the dining room cheerful, pleasant and well lit. This will create a feeling of well-being and favor relations between those who occupy this room, or sitting down to eat or talk.

Ideally, the dining room should be in a secluded room but adjacent to the living area, but as it is almost impossible today, we will use decoration and elements that differentiate the two spaces. This is vital. We will use screens or carpets or painted walls to distinguish the two rooms. The best thing is to use light colors that invite peace and quiet, but we will use colors that reflect, at the same time, our personality and taste.

Feng Shui in the dining room and kitchen 3

It is advisable to use furniture that does not have very sharp corners, and is not rounded better.

Feng Shui gives great importance to decorative objects: lamps, curtains, chairs. They are objects that must convey our personal taste but always respecting the harmony. Upholstered chairs, flower centers or fresh plants will invite it.

Feng Shui in the dining room and kitchen 4

As for the kitchen, for Feng Shui, it is best to work on an island. On the other hand there are three distributions that are not very favorable. The first one is the one that has the kitchen in line with the door, the second one is the one that cooks with your back to the door, and the third is to work in a corner.

Feng Shui in the dining room and kitchen 5

All this blocks the flow of Chi. If we can not change the distribution, it is recommended to place some mirror to flow the Chi.

What you always have to take into account in the kitchen is that it should always be clean and tidy, without too many objects on the countertop, what is not used daily, it should be stored and finally, the kitchen table should not be very big. And if it's oval in shape, better.

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