Feng Shui for children's rooms

The Feng Shui it teaches us to live in harmony with our surroundings, which may seem to have nothing to do with children's rooms, always so chaotic. But it is possible to use the Feng Shui for children's rooms as for any other room, simply concentrate on its typical characteristics and those of its inhabitants.

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Normally the children's rooms are multi-purpose rooms that are not only used for sleeping but also for playing, studying and storage of toys and objects typical of children.

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The first thing that should worry us is that the room transmit calm and for this we have to create a relaxed atmosphere. We will start with the color that is the simplest and has a huge influence on the mood. As there are usually many objects of intense colors in a children's room we have to paint it in a soft or neutral tone that lowers the overall tone.

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Feng Shui is not a hidden or esoteric knowledge but a way of living in the most practical way possible. It is important to have the typical incidences that usually occur in a children's room. Place a protective cover on the mattress, have prepared diapers and cubes for the various incidences typical of childhood also fall within this knowledge that the only thing that aims to create a pleasant place to live.

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The placement of the bed is a fundamental point for the Feng Shui of a room. It should be with the headboard against a wall, never under the window, and in a longitudinal position with respect to the entrance door.

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Another fundamental point in Feng Shui of a room is the flow of energy or Chi. Disorder prevents the flow of energy properly and the only remedy is to keep the room tidy, something difficult in a child's room but not impossible and also very desirable.

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A child's bedroom should be a cozy refuge in addition to many other functions. And it must be pleasant for the five senses, soft carpets and fluffy fabrics to be pleasant to the touch, a music box, a lamp with soft light, things that make the child feel relaxed and comfortable in his room.

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It is called Sha Chi to everything that is unpleasant and contrary to Feng Shui. Here we can include the disorder, dirt and all those objects and situations that may be dangerous. Feng Shui is not considered that mobile phones are suitable and we prefer to install a mirror next to where we usually change the baby so that he can have fun and learn to collaborate.

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In western culture we tend to differentiate in an exaggerated way the decoration of children's rooms depending on the sex of the baby. Feng Shui teaches also to balance the masculine and the feminine in a room as a reflection of the balance of ying and yang. It is easy to achieve using a good combination of hard and soft materials that represent both poles.

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It is necessary to keep the technology out of the children's room, television, computer and other electrical devices create electromagnetic fields that are not advisable for any room and less for the children.

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Nor is it a matter of obsessing about strictly complying with the Feng Shui norms, despite all its purpose is to improve the quality of life and not stress the compliance with its rules. We have to take it as a guide to gradually improve the room of our little ones so that they feel comfortable and enjoy the most of it.

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