Female corners in shabby chic style that are a beauty

Take a look at these female corners in shabby chic style if you are thinking of giving you a space exclusively for you. Whether you live alone or with your family you have the right to reserve a space for your brief and sporadic breaks, reading, music or whatever relaxes you.


Weathered looking furniture and warm textiles will help us create a corner of inspiration shabby chic for you.


If you are creative and you like to use your hands you need a place like this, you can install it in any corner of the house and with a few shabby chic style accessories you will have a great time.


Although if you can have a window like this you can have a wonderful space for your things.


Give him a Feminine touch to any stay is easy with the shabby chic style. In the dining room this sideboard ready for the service of sweets and desserts is a good example of this.


With a simple table and a couple of chairs you can set up a space to chat with your friends.


In the bedroom, even if it is shared, you can reserve a corner. A piece of furniture to store your things and a small armchair will be enough.


Even if you do not have the exclusive use of the bathroom you can also give your stamp. You only need a couple of small furniture and some accessories to transform the style of the bathroom.


A piece of furniture of this style can be installed both in the hall and in the office. You will be good to stretch your legs but with glamor.


The mantelpiece is a great place to add a feminine touch to your home.


A little vintage jewelery or jewelry, adequate lighting and the corresponding textiles are enough to create a female corner in shabby chic style.

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