Fashion trend: customize the windows

If you want to give a more distinguished touch to your spaces and integrate an element with which you feel specially identified, or else you would like to stand out in your home so that it looks completely integrated into the set of decoration, one of the best options for decorate are custom blinds or Japanese panels.

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Nowadays, if you make a custom purchase of these items online, there are millions of high resolution images to print in a photographic blind. In addition, in a few steps and in a simple way, you can achieve a great economic savings compared to conventional stores, since you can find very low prices to dress the windows and openings of your home.

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In this post we will give you all the advice you need so that if you like our idea, do not miss when looking for and decide the best option within your preferences.

The choice of the image is important, but the support where it is printed also plays a decisive role so that the photograph looks and stands out in the room you want.

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Depending on the type of fabric, the effect is different: if you opt for the translucent option, you will get a good resolution with an excellent light input, sifted and a nice set of lights and shadows in the windows.

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If what you prefer is to be able to see the exterior without anyone being able to see the interior and thus gain a certain intimacy, it is best to choose a screen fabric, which will also give you a dotted effect in the design.

And if, on the contrary, you are looking for light not to cross into the room, the most appropriate option would be the opaque fabric with which you can also achieve a greater definition when viewing the image, in addition to the surface has no pores and then simulates the effect of a picture integrated into the decoration of the windows of your house, which is an excellent option.

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