Fascinating wall decorations

The walls of any room in the house lend themselves to be decorated by painting different colors, paintings or drawings, among other ornaments. In the following proposals we will show some ways of decorating through compositions of objects. Simple ideas for an area of ​​the house on which you can show the same creativity and style as in other places.

Wall decoration ideas 1

Compositions with mirrors: creating visual games through mirrors is an always interesting and very creative option. Using mirrors of the same or different sizes, shapes and colors can be built collages that will influence the rest of the decoration, providing dynamism and joy.

Compositions with frames and other structures: It is the case used to decorate the walls of this fantasy bedroom. Raw and a little pink tones for a delicate environment where the composition on the bed conveys a unique, very elaborate detail effect.

Wall decoration ideas 2

Compositions to illuminate: using these circular metal objects, a luminous decoration with candles has been created, perfect in its simplicity. For minimalist spaces, very homelike atmospheres and natural styles.

Wall decoration ideas 3

Shelves and books: playing with the geometry of these small shelves you can get a decoration as attractive to the wall as this, featuring everyday objects such as books, figurines or decorative jars. A decoration also simple and very accomplished, full of imagination.

Wall decoration ideas 4

Tapestries and drawings: finally, this proposal, in which a series of colorful tapestries lead the bedroom, matching the rest of the decoration's colors. Abstract and floral prints to give a more dynamic style to the whole room.

Wall decoration ideas 5

Photos: lushome.com ; pinkinki.net

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