Fan the neutral tones with a touch of neon

Adding something neon to a decoration where neutral tones predominate can be a good way to break the monotony. Create a cooler and youthful environment without major changes, simply placing a small piece of furniture or a lamp or decorative elements such as fabrics and pillows that provide that point of brightness and color that can transform any environment.

Neutral tones with a touch of neon 1

Above we see a couple of good examples, one has painted the door of the kitchen neon green, it is a strong bet and maybe a little daring but manages to create a point of attraction of what if not only would be a white door that would go totally unnoticed. On the other hand we can be more cautious and opt for something as simple as framing with washi tape a picture that we have hanging on the wall and combine with some fabric complement.

Neutral tones with a touch of neon 2

In the image above we see another example of both ways of introducing a "dangerous" tone such as neon in a neutral environment, some pink stools in the case of the left and some neon lines and profiles on the right. Both forms are valid, the only precaution with these striking tones is not to exceed.

Neutral tones with a touch of neon 3

Neutral tones with a touch of neon 4

And other similar examples, a little contrast helps us create a more cheerful and bright space without major changes or expensive investments. One more of the great advantages of decoration based on neutral tones that allow us to make great changes with small initiatives.


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