Fabrics in interior decoration

The fabric used in home decoration, of course, plays a very important role in presenting the identity and even the personality of the owner. It also undoubtedly shows the style of home decoration itself, be it the decoration of a luxurious home or a simple one. In the market there is a wide range of fabrics in numerous presentations and made with different materials.

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The velvet it is a correct option to create a luxurious atmosphere, the velvet fabric with its characteristic hair and its brilliant reflections confers a special status. It reminds us of the classic European style when we introduce it to the decoration of any room. It can be made with synthetic or natural fibers, it is expensive and its maintenance is delicate. Due to its thickness it can absorb stains easily, its cleaning must be done dry. It is used in upholstery, pillow cases, curtains and to cover walls.

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The silk It is another luxury fabric, although it is little used today, it was once an important reference to decorate the luxurious rooms of the rich and powerful. The brightness that it brings is very interesting, it can be used in curtains, pillow cases and upholstery. Against it has its short life and its delicacy, without talking about its price that is high.

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The olefin fabric It is made with synthetic textile fibers. Its color is very durable and resistant to the sun, it is a fabric that cleans easily. Soft to the touch, it is able to withstand most chemical products. A very durable and almost inalterable fabric.

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The polyester microfiber They are widely used in upholstery. It is resistant to both use and sun and are easy to clean. Its appearance reminds a bit of velvet but without any of its drawbacks.

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The cotton It is an interesting option if we want to use fabrics made from natural fibers. Its touch and freshness, due to its high breathability, make it ideal for hot places. There is a huge assortment of colors and designs in cotton.

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The leather Although it is not a fabric, it is used in decoration as if it were. For the upholstery of furniture is the majority use that is given to the leather in decoration, although you can also use decorative objects made with leather, frames, containers, wall sections, etc ... The leather is quite delicate, we can not place it in a sunny place because it suffers badly from the action of the sun and for its cleaning it is necessary to resort to specific products.

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