Exterior sliding doors

The sliding doors they are currently used by architects and designers both indoors and outdoors. Below we present several ideas developed with sliding doors to make external enclosures. They can be used both as doors and to cover large windows, very much in vogue in the current architecture.

Exterior sliding doors 1

A nineteenth century barn renovated and transformed into a home by the architectural firm Northworks. The aluminum panels work with traditional style crank, when opened they discover a huge window of 4.5 meters high.

Exterior sliding doors 2

Is Sliding door of a single leaf measures almost 4 meters wide and conceals a large window in this renovated shed located in Sydney.

Exterior sliding doors 3

A Sliding door Elaborated with wooden slats conceals a modern shower in this beach house in New Zealand.

Exterior sliding doors 4

A wooden house in Victoria, Australia, during the summer can be a real oven. This large sliding door allows to cut the passage to the sun and heat, regulating the amount of light inside.

Exterior sliding doors 5

In a summer house designed by the architecture studio of Yiacouvakis Hamelin and located in the maritime province of New Brunswick, Canada, a large sliding door of cedar wood closes the entrance to the large garage that only opens during the summer months.

Exterior sliding doors 8

An original use is that of this house next to a lake, originally it was a shed to store the fishing boats. Its remodeling was carried out by the architects of Hoedemaker Bosworth, of Seattle, United States. The design of the doors with rails extended to the sides of the house allows to open the whole house to the outside during the warm months and to isolate it during the cold months of the year.

Photos: remodelista.com

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