Exquisite room in pale blue

If in the kitchen or dining room is a color that conquers young people and adults in the room, it achieves a unique atmosphere for relaxation and companionship or with friends.

Exquisite living in pale blue

In this room the range of pale blue they are used everywhere, and for many designers, it is still not enough. Many would use the color blue and its range of pale tones throughout the decor of the house
In this case, the walls have been highlighted in a darker blue tone accompanied by the armchairs and the curtains.
To combine it, cushions and carpets have been added in a paler and lighter blue tone. The cushions combine different colors and textures to give life to the armchairs and you can never miss a blanket on one of the armchairs.
The lamps have respected the spirit of the decor and they are an exquisite combination of pale blue with white in their screens of cotton fabric.
For the openings, and the roof moldings, a beige tone has been chosen that perfectly matches the shades of blue used without excelling them.
And for the final touch of this exquisite room we can see the vases and books in blue tones on the living tables.
It is not beautiful???

Photo: housebeautiful.com

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