Expand the storage space of a desk

We have our desk overflowing and we need more space to work. No problem, you just have to look up from the desk and look around. Up, down and to the sides, in some of these parts there must be space to install accessories for the desk that offer us a storage space that allows us to rid the desk of all those things that are accumulating and that we have less work space.

Storage spaces on the desk 1

There are options for all needs and that will allow us to gain that space that we need and that has been colonized by that huge amount of small tools and objects that we are placing on the desk.

Storage spaces on the desk 2

And do not think that these accessories have to be irremediably ugly, at all, for example see the image above. Two beautiful drawer cabinets that are perfectly integrated under that Ikea table or the elegant black shelf placed on the side wall.

Storage spaces on the desk 3

One of the first options is to look up, above the desk we can almost always install a small piece of furniture or shelf that will allow us to store those small objects that although useful eat a lot of space on the desk.

Storage spaces on the desk 4

And sometimes we can even install a whole library on the desk, that will depend on the individual circumstances of each case.

Storage spaces on the desk 5

A place we do not usually pay attention to storage solutions. The ceiling, although for the desk it may be an excessive solution. But we will take it into account for other places and needs.

Storage spaces on the desk 6

One of the most useful solutions is to add a file cabinet or a drawer unit. They can be installed under the desk if their dimensions allow it or on some side or even in a more remote area if we do not have space near the desk. They allow to store a large amount of papers and objects.

Storage spaces on the desk 7

Another usable space are the sides of the table, we can install a hanger and hang an organizer like the one in the photo, although thought in principle to use as a suitcase organizer is a fantastic option for a desk with storage space problems.

Photos: apartmenttherapy.com

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