Everything an island brings to your kitchen

An island in your kitchen allows you to double the work space as well as the storage space and also the ability to bring family and friends together comfortably. Let's take a quick look at everything an island brings to your kitchen.


We can choose the island that best suits our needs. Choosing the configuration that best suits our case.


If what we need is storage space, we will choose a design that has drawers and departments to keep the utensils and food typical of any kitchen well-kept.


The large existing offer allows us to choose the desired configuration without major setbacks. We can even combine different needs and cover them if the size of the island allows it.


The island also allows us to expand the number of appliances. Here we see an integrated heating oven on the island that allows us to heat food or maintain the elaborations at consumption temperature.


And if what you need is space for breakfast or lunch you can opt for an island of this type. A lot of people can sit on your island to savor your dishes.


When you do not have space to have the hidden garbage bin the island is a good place. You can also place different containers to separate the garbage according to its type.


Cement is fashionable and an island of this material will be modern, modern and very practical and resistant.


You can also take advantage to install a fridge for drinks or a wine bar. In addition to having the drink on hand when you sit down to drink something on your island.


Pets also have their food needs. A little hole on the island will come in handy to have your bowls well organized.


If you do not like to see the typical sidewalks around your island you can opt for this model that has a built-in bench.


It is to admire everything that can be used on an island, here the space for moldings gives us a couple of very practical surprises.


The countertop on the island can be the same as the rest of the kitchen or not. It will depend entirely on our taste.


This island allows you to get rid of the kitchen table and thus gain enough space for its installation.


Almost any kitchen can benefit from the advantages of an island, although it has to be as small as this recovered and transformed sideboard.

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