Ethno chic, decorative charm that fuses cultures

One of the newest trends is called ethno chic and combines the decorative charm of different cultures, fusing them in a cheerful and urban final style. The inspiration for creating these charming ethnic environments can come from anywhere in the world, no matter how far this inspiration comes.

The ethno chic style 1

We find a lot of influence that comes from the East and the Far East, from India, Morocco and other places where the interior of the houses are recreated with a taste very marked by the ancestral, the millennial and the most autochthonous elements of each geography.

The ethno chic style 2

The ethno chic style 3

The printed fabrics are very present: the shawls, the hand-embroidered rugs, the bedspreads with patchwork work, the oriental-inspired curtains, the mosaics and the damascene ... And the most natural and flexible materials, such as wood or cane of bamboo, form an important part of these environments.

The ethno chic style 4

The artisanal details are everywhere in the ethno chic. Figures and sculptures that recreate aborigines or fauna of the most typical villages, craft lamps with lattice work, pots and vases of great beauty, wicker baskets and bowls ... Everything that connects us with the artisan tradition in the most natural way possible, far away of modern objects.

The ethno chic style 5

As for the most abundant colors in these ethnic territories with a lot of charm, the earth colors continue to dominate a palette in which there is no lack of white or gray, although they often leave aside the most seen colors of nature for a few strokes of warmth. Reds, oranges, yellows, pinks and fuchsias, violets and blues ... appear in all their splendor to dress with a greater chic aura.

The ethno chic style 6


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