Ethnic decoration: the African style

The African continent is full of cultural, geographical and anthropological richness. Taking elements of the different ethnic groups that populate it, you can recreate a typical decoration of Africa , rich in details and full of magic.

African style decoration 1

To transport ourselves to the deepest part of the African heart without leaving home, we must be faithful to the wide range of colors of this land, all of them related to nature: brown tones, creams, blacks and oranges, terracottas ... they are tones of the earth and fire. To highlight details, nothing better than resorting to blue and green, whose contrast helps accentuate the beauty of the details.

African style decoration 2

African style decoration 3

The materials used are always natural, such as straw mats, bamboo curtains and wooden tables. In addition to basketry, drums, ceramic vases, ancestral paintings ... The craftsmanship is very typical in Africa and its presence puts us in touch with Mother Nature. It includes other cultural adornments such as primitive masks, small human sculptures or animals carved in wood, ferns on drums, etc.

African style decoration 4

African style decoration 5

Tapestries and carpets with beautiful animal prints such as leopards, giraffes, elephants, lions or zebras can not miss, in the safari style, but, yes, always in faux leather, imitation, never real. Respect the nature of this fascinating continent.

African style decoration 6

African style decoration 7

African style decoration 8

There is a whole range of ethnic elements with which you can create an African atmosphere as incredible as these images.

African style decoration 9


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