Essential in a shabby chic style kitchen

The shabby chic It combines femininity and rustic flavor. When we want to decorate a kitchen in this style we find a few ingredients that we should not avoid. Let's see here the essentials in a shabby chic style kitchen.


We begin by the backdrop, a kitchen and any other room decorated in shabby chic style should start from a white or cream background.

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The front of the kitchen or dashboard should not only protect the water but add texture to the set. We will flee from the smooth tiles to decant for something more vintage.


Wood is another essential element in a kitchen of this style. Furniture, cabinets, floor or walls are some of the complements that can be made in wood.


The fresh flowers give that touch of color and femininity that so well suits the shabby chic. They emphasize the rustic base of the style.

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Combined colors and well combined between the different areas of the kitchen are also essential elements in a shabby chic kitchen.


Furniture worn-looking or vintage and endless old accessories that can be found in the sales of second-hand items will help us complete our decoration. And of course we can not forget the pink, there must always be a little pink in a shabby chic kitchen.


The new shabby chic trends should also include recycled elements. Here we can see a bookshelf made with a pallet and doors for cabinets made with old wood.


We must not forget the windows. In a shabby chic kitchen the windows should be properly dressed.


The lighting will be commissioned to classic lamps, those of tears are a classic in the composition of the style in question.


If we talked about fresh flowers, we should not forget the floral prints either. They are like pink and wood, one of the basics of shabby chic.


The shelves and open cabinets are another of the essentials of this charming decorative style.


And to top off the decoration of our shabby chic kitchen we can not forget the appliances. To maintain a certain coherence we will opt for retro-cut models.


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