Essential elements for a retro kitchen

The retro style and everything that recalls the 50s and 60s of the last century is very fashionable lately. Let's see then a series of essential elements for a retro kitchen that will help us to decide correctly in the decoration of our kitchen if we are going to decorate it in this style.


In a retro-style kitchen, many colors and solutions fit for walls, floors and furniture in general. The checkered floors in black and white are a classic but you can also opt for more risky solutions based on red tones.


Red is a color of the time that although it will be fine for countertops, tables, stools and chairs we can not forget about it if we want to give a special touch to the floors.


Although in general, whites predominate, we can not forget other colors, especially pastel shades and metallic finishes. Metallic stools and upholstered in red are a typical furniture of the coffee shops of the time.


Which can be a good theme to recreate an entire kitchen, chessed floors and walls, red stools and lots of steel to cover ceilings and walls.


Appliances inspired by this style will be an essential element in a well decorated kitchen, it can not be otherwise.


As well as there can not be digital screens, clocks and other indicators must be analog or they will be fatal.


A bar for breakfast can not miss if you have enough space. In addition to practice they are almost indispensable in a retro kitchen.


Leaving some cupboards or shelves open is another way to get that retro air we are looking for. A very simple solution that causes a great impact.


You also have to look at the small details, knobs and handles should be retro-inspired so that the whole is complete.


In addition to white, black and red there is a whole range of pastel tones that give an authentic cincuentero air to the decoration. The mint color is one of them and can be used in furniture, decorative accessories or in the appliances as we see here.


The same can be done with turquoise. Normally when these pastel shades are introduced, they are usually reserved for household appliances although they can also be used for textiles.


And if we want a more sixties look, we can not forget the orange color that we can use combined with white and it looks really cool.


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