Errors to avoid when we are reforming

Reforming the house, either entirely or partially, can be simple or a nightmare, it depends on how we approach it. Many times we jump headlong into a reform project without thinking too much about it and logically it can go well or badly, simply by chance. But a reform project must consider multiple factors and not leave anything to chance, but without forgetting the contingencies that can always appear in any reform. Let's see below the mistakes that we must avoid at all costs when we are going to carry out a reform at home.


1.- Carry out the project quickly.

Planning in detail and without hurry the project to be done will avoid many troubles. And not only prepare it quietly, you have to review it several times to define exactly what we want to achieve and with a clear budget.

2.- Choose the first contractor with whom you interview.

We continue with the same philosophy, peace of mind, detailed budget reviews and many conversations. Compare the quotes of several contractors before deciding on one of them. Expose your project and value the communication with the person in charge of its development. It is not only about the budget, but also to see that the manager listens to you and follows your instructions. It is also interesting that you understand and know how to translate your ideas to reality.


3.- Budget too tight.

We have a budget for the work, an amount that we can spend, but we can not foresee everything as they may appear unforeseen. When you knock down a wall or raise a floor you do not always find what you expected. Leaving a margin in the budget for the possible change or fix of hidden defects is an imponderable. We should leave 20% of the budget allocated to these possible contingencies.

4.- Save on materials and labor.

Obviously this may be a virtue but it has a very unstable limit, knowing where and how you can save is not easy. On the other hand it is very easy to go from saver and fall into stinginess. Too cheap materials are not going to meet the same as more expensive ones. And if I want to do everything myself when I do not have experience, it can be terribly expensive, when in doubt, I'd better find a professional.

5.- Spending too much on materials.

Unfortunately this is the opposite of the previous one, you have to worry about comparing prices on the same material qualities, unfortunately they can vary a lot from one merchant to another. In addition, some tasks can be solved by recycling old materials in good condition.


6.- Reform the exterior without taking into account its neighbors.

When a reform is made inside the house everything depends on your taste and your needs but when the reform affects the facade of your house you must take into account the style and conditions of the community. Expansions and reforms must comply with the rules of the neighborhood community and other legal regulations that may affect the home.

7.- Change your opinion too much.

Once the reform begins, sticking to the maximum plan projected is a way to move quickly in the work and avoid problems, dislikes and incur extra expenses.


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