Enter the yellow in your home

Have you ever thought about the yellow color at the time of decorating? The most common idea we have about this color, in general, is that it is a rare tone in the houses, although the new trends bet decidedly by him and introduce it into the decoration without any limits. Let's know a little more about this color tone.

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In the light spectrum, the yellow represents the sun, light and energy. It is a primary and warm color, wow it is! Thanks to him, you will be able to illuminate the interior of your home with its warmth and strength. It helps us to wake up, elevates our mood and injects us with doses of energy so that we remain active.

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The yellow, well used, can be a very cozy color. It is not so much about saturating the room as it is about selecting the tone: a "canary yellow" or "lemon yellow" (more electric both) is not the same as a more greenish or orange one. In addition, we must pay attention to other details such as what color is the furniture ?, what other colors will I use for that room ?, what effect do I want to achieve with it? Taking care of this type of questions, we will extract performance to a color that, traditionally, has not enjoyed excessive pleasure on the part of the stylists and interior designers, although this tendency, as we said, has been changed.

Decorate with yellow 04

These splendid kitchens are a good example of how yellow can make the interior space shine with some brush strokes. Combined with white, in addition, they will be clean, elegant and pleasing to the eye.

Decorate with yellow 05

Decorate with yellow 06

Decorate with yellow 07

Other colors that combine excellently with yellow are black, gray, cream, orange or green. But do not hesitate to try different combinations, looking for the one you like the most and adjusting to the decoration of your home. Yellow can help you get an elegant decoration and full of warmth.

Decorate with yellow 08

Decorate with yellow 09

Decorate with yellow 010

Photos: decoraciondeinteriores10.com; interiorismos.com

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