Enter the color energy in the interiors: turquoise

With bright colors, bright, cheerful and with personality you can transmit energy and life to your interiors. You can do it with a great variety of colors, but the color that we propose to analyze today is the turquoise .

Introduces color energy in turquoise interiors1

With this color, which was chosen as the color of the year in 2010, you can give a fresh and modern look to your decor .
A combination that goes well with the turquoise is the green lime . Both colors transmit pure energy and vitality. You can use it in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. With these colors you can transform everything completely. Another color that goes well with it, is the soft tan color or sand.
But whatever combination you choose with the turquoise you will always get a modern decoration and sophisticated, and at the same time, full of energy ... something we always long for our home.
These two proposals give you the right example. The turquoise as the main color in a room where it has been used in walls and on the main sofa, as well as in small details in the rest of the decoration.
And in the second proposal we see it combined with this beautiful lime green in a room that besides being cozy is vibrant and happy. It was also used to turquoise in walls, bed covers and accessories, but it was perfectly combined with the green lime .

Introduces color energy in turquoise interiors2

Which one do you like more?
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