Enjoy your home without humidity

Humidity is one of the biggest and most classic problems that we can face in our home at least once in a lifetime. Getting rid of it can be a real complication and the consequences that we can have with them affect both the structure of our house, aesthetics and even our health.


If you have had humidity in your home you will know very well what I am talking about. But if you have and have not dealt with it or do not know what to do, this article will help you solve it.

The humidity in our home can be due to different causes or origins. To know about them we have to learn to recognize them. The humidity can be of capillary origin, by filtrations or by condensation. The last one is one that you have probably already experienced at home. It is practically inevitable that we can even provoke it or worsen it ourselves with our daily actions. Regardless of the origin, we must adopt or carry out a treatment against moisture.


As I said before, we must know its origin to recognize what kind of moisture we have. This treatment will depend on it. Now I tell you more in detail each type of humidity that we can have at home.


Moisture by condensation : a classic! It goes hand in hand with mold. You can usually recognize it by green, brown or black spots. The corners of the rooms, such as the bathroom or the rooms, are usually formed on the edges of the windows, inside the dressing rooms and closets and any other place that does not have adequate ventilation or isolation from the cold. It is very risky for our health can cause even asthma and severe allergies. To get rid of them we can adopt measures such as maintaining good ventilation of the home, not generate humidity (pots without lid on the stove, dry clothes inside the home), use the bathroom with the door closed to prevent moisture from leaving and keep it always ventilated, etc. It is good to install extractors or opt, if it is within our possibilities, for the option of installing a forced ventilation system.


Moisture by capillarity : to recognize this type of humidity in which we can see in the walls against the floor. It has its origin in a defective insulation in the joints between the walls and the foundations of the house. If we live in a two-story house, we will only see it on the ground floor. If we have humidity in the high silver it is for other reasons. This type of humidity can cause problems in parquet-type floors, baseboards, door frames, appearance of saltpeter, enveloped wallpaper, plaster that breaks off or paint that deteriorates and begins to fall. In this case it is imperative to perform an effective treatment, which ends the root problem.


Moisture through leaks : the worst of the three kinds of humidity. Periodically we should check plumbing, the roof of the house and especially the basement (if we have one at home). Also, if you know that other of the walls of your home is in contact with the earth, it is necessary to carry out the corresponding treatment to avoid the risks of moisture due to filtrations in conjunction with humidity by capillarity.


Knowing the origin of the humidity that you have in your home, it will be much easier to solve the problem. Do not forget that it is always good to resort to professionals so that the solution and the expense that we make is optimal and lasting.


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