Enjoy the experience of decorating your home with IKEA

Decorating our home is quite an experience. It is difficult to choose the style, colors, furniture and accessories. Not only depends on our taste, but also our budget and the space we have to decorate.

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But, on many occasions, while we find ourselves in this task, it often happens that we never quite imagine how a piece of furniture would look, an accessory or whether that tableware that we like so much is the ideal one for our kitchen.

The holidays are coming to an end and for this new part of the year that begins, many are busy renovating their decoration. At IKEA they always surprise us and their possibilities for decorating our home are incredible. The new IKEA catalog It's already here and the surprises they have prepared for us are special.

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Not only its decorative proposals are unique, original and the latest trends but increasingly make our task of decorating an experience to be enjoyed. For the new catalog our kitchens, dining rooms and our experiences at lunch time are the center. You will find beautiful options of which it is impossible not to fall in love. But its new App It takes all our applause !!

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Available in IOS y Android , we can use them in our phones and tablets. They will make our experience in choosing our new objects and furniture to decorate a whole sensory and interactive experience. We can enjoy all the extra content you have and customize our decoration as much as we want. Gallery of inspiring images will always be available for us and a Place in your room with more than 400 pieces where we can get rid of all doubts. We can know if a piece of furniture can enter our house, combine with our deco and much more. All these extras will make our experiences to buy extremely real. We will take better advantage of our money and we will give style to our house.

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decorate with IKEA 7

Will they let it happen? DO NOT!! To enjoy the new IKEA catalog and all its novelties in the App.

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