Elements to take better advantage of our balcony

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony here we present some decorative elements with a great practical sense that will help you get more out of your balcony. Life abroad will be much easier if you have some of these or similar objects that will allow you to perform different activities.

Decorative accessories for the balcony 1

This practical and decorative flowerpot with built-in table will allow you to work or have fun with your computer or your tablet. Have a drink on hand or have breakfast with the fresh morning. It also means a great saving of space, the most precious asset on a balcony.

Decorative accessories for balcony 2

With this portable barbecue that can be hung from the balcony railing, you can prepare a delicious barbecue on the balcony. You will have nothing to envy those who have a garden.

Decorative accessories for balcony 3

If what you like is to grow your own vegetables you can buy vertical planters to make the most of the space on your balcony. You will be perfect balcony gardeners and you will enjoy the cultivation and the rich salads and scrambled you will prepare with your harvest.

Decorative accessories for the balcony 4

These decorative and practical flower pots can be fitted on the balcony railing. They do not take up space and their modern and modern design will give a new look to your balcony.

Decorative accessories for balcony 5

The problem of furniture on a balcony is always space. If you opt for folding chairs this problem will be much less. When they do not need to be folded and they hardly take up space, there are also really beautiful pieces that are very decorative.

Decorative accessories for the balcony 6

With this hanging table, easy to install and collect, you can eat two people quietly and enjoy the views, the sun and the air outside at the same time. There is a great variety of elements that will make life easier on your balcony this summer.

Photos: hometone.com

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