Elegant vintage shelves with recycled tables

We all have at home antique furniture that we no longer use and usually end up cornered or in the storage room. If you recycle them and fix them up a bit, you can give them a new utility without any problem and take advantage of them in a way you can not even imagine. We show you how you can transform old tables into originals shelves investing as little time as possible and with just a few tools. You only need to choose the painting and let your imagination fly.

Recycled furniture 1

The recycling of furniture is fashionable and is a good way to take care of your pocket without having to put aside one of our favorite hobbies. To get to this task is not necessary to be an artist, just have a little skill with brushes and above all desire to have a good time devising new uses for your antique furniture.

Recycled furniture 2

In these images you can see how old tables have been used to create shelves with a lot of personality and all the charm of the vintage style , superimposing different parts by levels until the current appearance is configured. Choosing bright and electric colors and giving them a good layer of varnish, nobody would say that these items were before raising dust in a corner and today they are a nice support for books, porcelain figures or personal files.

Recycled furniture 3

In addition to tables, we can use old drawers, stools, chairs, tables, chests ... And if you want the transformation to go further, with the metallic paint you can get a surprising result and turn a normal table of the twentieth century into a piece of design more futuristic . Another possibility is to blur the color by applying it with a small sponge, to give it an air retro most suggestive If you really are an artist, dare with a shocking and great drawing that makes your new piece of furniture a very particular collector's item.

Recycled furniture 4

As you can see, reusing antique furniture can be a very entertaining activity and a fun pastime for the whole family.

Recycled furniture 5

Photos: shelterness.com

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